Building In The Garden Day

Today, we built stuff in the garden.


Mummy, braced.

Plenty of jigsaw action.


The final cut.

And Abi and Daddy made a fairy house.


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Abi, the Cyclist

Abi rode her bike for the first time today on her own without stabilisers!

We are all very proud!

Abi Cycling!:

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Wee wee

Our super clever Jess did her first wee on the toilet tonight. We decided to put her on the toilet to have a go and she started to make some straining noises and did a little wee. We are very proud of her.




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Saturday morning art

Here’s what the girls got up to this morning. I thought Jess was a bit quiet!!



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Jess and Daddy dancing

Look at YouTube to find a new video from us. Go to the usual place, lucycraigandabi, and look for Jess and Daddy dancing. Let us know what you think. Happy viewing.

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Passport photo

Had a passport photo done for Jess today. I was glad when then man said he had a good one. Lets see what you think:


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Both girls had their hair cut today. Jess got a certificate as it was her first time. No major changes for Abi, just a tidy up.
Look here for more photos:




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General updates

Last Thursday Jess had another hospital appointment. As usual everything went well. Her weight has dropped slightly, but they are not concerned as she has had a cold and lots of new teeth. We will be seen again in another two months. From now in our clinics are going to alternate between just seeing the nurses and physio for

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The End Of A (Smelly) Era

Tonight, after many many many nappies, Abigail Ella Pugsley takes the first steps towards living as a normal human being.

Tonight, she’s sleeping with no nappy on. This’ll be the first 24 hours she’s ever had without wearing one.

Here’s a ‘before’ picture.

More news in the morning…

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The Fifth Member of our Family

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